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About Hermes webmail

University of Cambridge provides its students with Hermes webmail which allows them to access your email using a web browser, accessible from any Internet-connected system or mobile device anywhere in the world. Few years ago the Hermes webmail was updated, older users can still access the old version from the log-in page at

Login to Hermes webmail

This applies only for the webmail access to Hermes not for the clients who access through email. You will always have to use your UIS Password. If the user has already logged into Raven in your current browser session then you will not be able to log in again to use Hermes webmail. Also if you are not logged into Raven, use your UIS Password if you have one or, but if you still have and use different passwords for Raven and Hermes, you can login to use your Hermes or Raven password on the webmail login page.
All the Hermes users need to think about the following that whether or not they use the webmail regularly that is for security purpose.
The user must make sure whether using the Raven password is safe to log into the hermes webmail, is it as secured as the hermes password. If not, then change your password at the as soon as possible and ensure that no one else knows what it is.
If the user uses an email client (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail etc.), but very rarely use webmail other than for managing your Hermes account, then you may prefer to disable the Raven login to your account.
Important Note: This can be done only using the old Hermes Webmail interface. To disable Raven login using the old Hermes Webmail, log in to, select Manage, then Preferences then disable Enable Raven logins.
Sometimes you might be facing problems to login and have access to the Hermes webmail, such as:
1. You can’t log in
2. You can log in but can’t open messages
3. You can open messages but can’t reply
4. You will not be able to type in the To: or Subject: field of a new message or the Contacts box
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If you face such problems, you should clear the cache on the browser that you are using. You can do this on your own but depends on the your brower, it is generally found under Preferences or Settings. Most of the browsers have inline help if it is required by the user, search for “clear cache” and clear the cache.
It is advised the user that if they receive a message asking you for your email login details then DO NOT REPLY and do not click on any web links in the message, there can be many fake calls and messges. The messages regarding this email login are usually sent by criminals who want to use your account to send spam. Hence the user should never reveal their password to anyone, not even to University IT staff because the IT staff would not ask for it.

Uses of Hermes Webmail

Hermes Webmail has many uses and advantages at the University of Cambridge. The administrative tasks to do with your Hermes account require you to use the Webmail, for example if you want to change the passwords, set up the mail forwarding, central spam filtering or vacation messages. Apparently for reading and sending mail you can choose between using an email program (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) to go through the mail, or using webmail for everything. At ease, you can switch to any of the methods; provided your mail program uses IMAP and not POP, which almost all can do, you will have all the same mail folders that are available whichever method you want to use. One thing to note is that your personal Webmail addressbook is different from any personal addressbook you use with an email program, though the University addressbook (Lookup) is available to both.
Advantages of the Hermes webmail is that it can be used from any any modern web browser from anywhere in the world and used in any case for changing passwords, forwarding or filtering mail, or setting up vacation messages etc.
To start up a Hermes Webmail, in your web browser, go to  You will have a login page displayed asking you for your user identifier and Hermes password. Just fill in the details and select Login. If you want to choose to login through Raven, login using your Raven password. For this, select the Login using Raven link which is displayed on the right of the Username box. Once you have logged in you can see the Mail screen, with the messages in your Inbox listed. You have the IT Help available by selecting the Help icon.
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How to login using Raven

Raven is the central web authentication service of the University of Cambridge which is web-based.
You can automatically get the opportunity to log-in to Raven whenever necessary. If you really want to login through Raven, you can explicitly login to Raven.
Visit the website
Enter the user ID and your UIS or Raven password and start the session

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